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Our tariffs


  • OPEN return or refund not available.
  • Limited number of seats.
  • Modification of reservation is possible for a fee only: single ticket for 600 CZK/ 25 EUR/ 200 DKK / 250 SEK, return ticket 1000 CZK/ 40 EUR/ 300 DKK/ 400 SEK.
  • After departure time no refund will be made. Passenger has to purchase a new ticket.
  • All Holidays and School Breaks are excluded from this offer.
  • In case that one journey of a round-trip ticket is cancelled by the passenger the cancellation fee is calculated from round-trip fare.


  • Flexible fare.
  • Discounts for children up to 15 years, youth under 26 years, ISIC, ITIC or Euro26 card holders, seniors 60+ years, pensioners or Frequent Traveller discount available.
  • OPEN return available. OPEN return valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Valid for tickets paid in cash on the bus.
  • Change of reservation up to 12 hours before departure free of charge.
  • Change of reservation less than 12 hours before departure is treated as a cancellation.
  • For cancellation up to 12 hours before departure 20 % of the fare shall be charged.
  • For cancellation less than 12 hours before departure 50 % shall be charged.
  • After departure time no refund will be made.
  • Should be cancelled one-way journey of a round-trip ticket the refund is calculated as unused fare (round-trip fare minus one-way fare) deducted off cancellation fee.


  • Valid for journey from or to the Czech Republic by BOHEMIAN LINES.
  • At the time of payment present a copy of your old ticket issued in your name to our staff, please.
  • Your ticket has to be reserved in advance. Payment is possible eighter in cash to our coach crew or by bank transfer. Payment by card is not accepted.
  • Frequent Traveller Discount is provided on services operated by BOHEMIAN LINES.
  • Discount is provided off our prices FLEXFARE (not avaible off SMARTFARE, ISIC, ITIC, EURO 26, or other special offers).

Complimentary Wi-Fi


We offer our passengers free wi-fi  on all our services.

Our September offer from Copenhagen


Copenhagen - Berlin fr. 18,90 EUR

Copenhagen - Prague fr. 28,90 EUR

Copenhagen - Brno fr.  34,90 EUR

Our stop in Copenahagen - Kastrup


Our stop in Copenhagen is at the Kastrup Airport, on street Ellehammersvej about 170 m from Terminal 3, stop SWEBUS.

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